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Hello to our Grove Veterinary Clinic Community,

We wanted to check in with you and issue an UPDATE as Oregon’s 2-week freeze starts tomorrow, Wednesday, November 18. We hope that everyone is doing well and is persevering through these challenging times.

We wanted to reach out to you to give an update on the current and on-going clinic procedures and to offer an updated summary of the policies we have put in place to protect our community, our clients, and our veterinary healthcare team. We felt that an update is necessary as our small coastal community navigates the weight and seriousness of the current COVID-19 situation in our country.

The 2-week freeze in Oregon does not specifically include veterinary practices. Following current CDC and OHA infection-control guidance and new Oregon-OSHA rules for limiting the rate of spread of COVID-19, we have continued with the current Curbside Care practice model that we began in March. The Curbside practice model has become the new mandated standard per the new Oregon-OSHA rules. Since we have been operating the business under this model since March, we will maintain this solution-oriented approach and will continue to protect our community, clients, and team.

Update on a couple things..
Wait Times & Appointments
Rather than having face-to-face conversations, we have been relying on the phones as the primary means of communication; this definitely has its drawbacks but it is working and getting better. We have added 4 additional phone lines to try to address the new high phone call volume. Thank you for your patience and understanding; we know that sometimes you can’t through to us on the first try. Thank you. We have been using cell phones for a lot of communications; it has not been ideal, but it does seem to be working. We have tried to use text messaging, emails, and even videos at times to help improve communications during and after appointments.

Wait times at the clinic can be long and are definitely longer than we want, and we can definitely appreciate the potential inconvenience of that situation. Appointments are scheduled with the expectation that they will take longer. To cut down on wait times, we have started scheduling more admission-style appointments. This practice modification has been well received by clients… you can drop off your furry family member for their appointment, and then we give you a call to discuss case specifics, address concerns, and schedule a pick up time. This has worked well; we thank you for being receptive to this change in our processes – our intention is to make the appointment experience easier on everyone.

We want to thank you so much for your support of the Grove Vet Team. Supporting each other through this COVID-19 situation is so important right now. Our team focuses on a concept of radical interdependence – we truly need each other to continue moving forward and to make this happen. We appreciate your support more than you could ever know. When we encounter your kindness, we take it to heart and that really helps us put one foot in front of the other. Thank you!

We are all truly in this situation together… Staying together and unified in purpose in the achievement of our collective good intentions and goals is necessary.

The Grove Vet Clinic Team