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Hello to our Grove Vet Community. We are having to make some very important changes to our appointment protocols. In accordance with the current recommendations from the CDC, we are having to make changes to avoid as much contact as possible. We have started this protocol, and it has worked well and we have seen appreciation from our clients for taking this approach.

We are calling this “Curbside Care.” This is an approach that seeks to protect our clients, our team, and our community. The front doors to the clinic will actually be locked and only the GVC team members will be allowed in the building. This is how it will work…

(1) If you have an appointment scheduled at the clinic, we ask that you give us a call from your car to let us know that you have arrived for your appointment.

(2) Over the phone, a technician will then collect a history and ask necessary questions.

(3) We will then come to you to bring your cat or dog into the clinic for examination and evaluation by one of our veterinarians.

(4) We will then call you on your cell phone to discuss any diagnostic recommendations and a treatment plan. This has worked well today for our clients and team.

(5) After treatments and results are collected, we will then bring your companion back to your vehicle.

(6) Any payments can be handled over the phone.


We know that this sounds complicated and tedious, but the goal is to be pro-active to prevent COVID-19 transmission during this healthcare crisis in our country.


A couple additional notes…

If you are coming by to pick up any pet foods or medications, just give us a call from the parking lot and we will follow the same procedures.


If your companion pet is having a life-threatening injury or emergency, please call us ahead and we will greet you outside to intervene as soon as possible.


We are all in this together. We understand the level of anxiety and stress that we as a community are experiencing. Having a sick companion only adds to the incredible stress of this situation; we will be here as long as we can be for you.

COVID-19 UPDATE (3/15/2020)

Hello to our Grove Vet Community. We hope this update finds everyone doing well and feeling healthy. We wanted to let you know what we are doing at the clinic during this uncertain time as the country tries to understand and adapt to the COVID-19 situation.



Being a care-giving facility, we already have in place a rigorous cleaning regime in place. That being said, last week we established even more stringent cleaning and disinfection policies to protect our clients, their pets, and our team. Additionally, we have already been following workplace preparedness recommendations and employee surveillance strategies outlined by the CDC. We have been treating this situation with the serious consideration that it deserves.



We are staying open during this crisis in our country. We have been receiving a very large volume of phone calls and inquires; we would like to ask for everyone’s patience as we address everyone’s concerns and questions with the time and consideration they deserve. We have a limited number of team members dealing with a larger-than-typical level of inquiry, so please be patient with us as we address questions. We are posting an information document published by the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA), which may help with some of your questions.



If you are sick or showing clinical signs of illness AND your pet needs care, please call us to let us know the details of the situation. It is recommended that anyone showing signs of illness stay home to avoid potentially exposing other people.

Additionally, if you are an individual that is considered “high-risk” for the more serious COVID-19 infection, we advise you to consider postponing routine procedures (nail trims, routine anal gland expressions, etc) until we better understand the course of the coronavirus situation.


If you are SICK or in a HIGH-RISK category and your pet needs care, please consider the following steps…

(1) Please call us and let us know that you are a high-risk individual or if you are yourself sick.

(2) We may be able to consult with you over the phone and through other technologies (telemedicine). For minor pet patient issues, we may be able to do a telemedicine consultation. We will have to consider each situation individually. The Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board has recently adopted telemedicine standards that must be followed; there is a requirement that we have performed a physical exam on the patient within the last year.

(3) For people that are sick or for high-risk individuals, consider having another person (non high-risk) bring your pet to the clinic for evaluation and treatment.

(4) For those clients that are at a higher risk or becoming infected with COVID-19, we are considering a policy of meeting you in the parking lot and then bringing your pet into the clinic for you. We can then discuss treatment plans by telephone after you pet has been examined.



Like you and your family, we and our families are navigating this crisis situation the best we can. We will continue to do all we can to support your pet care needs. It is always stressful when dealing with a sick or injured pet; the current uncertainty and societal stress that COVID-19 brings to us all has added another layer anxiety for all of us. If we work together, we can figure out how to stay healthy and get through it.