Grove Veterinary Clinic Pet Cremations & Memorials

Grove Veterinary Clinic Pet Cremations & Memorials is a family-owned and operated pet cremation service that is now being offered through Grove Veterinary Clinic in Newport, Oregon.  We understand that your pets are part of your family; we seek to recognize, respect, and honor that relationship and bond.  We know that the passing of a beloved friend is a difficult and emotional situation for everyone.  We are here to facilitate those final steps and make sure that the best care is provided for your dearly loved pet.  Kindness, dignity, and respect are our goals as we work with you during this difficult time.

During the aftercare process, your beloved pet is clearly identified with an appropriate ID/nametag that stays with your pet throughout the entire process.  One of our team members is responsible for transport of your pet from Grove Veterinary Clinic to our pet cremation. Upon arrival at the crematorium, an additional stainless steel identity tag is assigned to your pet and remains with him/her throughout the entire cremation procedure. In fact, this stainless steel identity tag will be contained within the velvet satchel that contains your pet’s ashes.

Grove Veterinary Clinic Pet Cremation offers different types of cremation services… private pet cremation and non-private or communal pet cremation.

Private pet cremations are available.  This means that your pet is cremated alone.  There is no co-mingling of ashes from other pets.  Your beloved pet’s ashes will be returned to you in a velvet satchel.

Communal pet cremation is also available.  This means that other pets will be present at the time of the cremation.  Your pet is set apart from the others, but there is the potential for some co-mingling of ashes.  Your beloved pet’s ashes will be returned to you in a velvet satchel.  Your pet is always handled with extreme respect during this procedure.

Some families do not wish to have ashes returned to them.  If this is the case, we will hold onto those ashes for a period of time, after which those ashes are respectfully sprinkled on a private pasture in Siletz, Oregon.

Cremation costs are determined by the type of service requested and by your pet’s weight.  Please contact us for specific pet cremation pricing.

Upon request, we can provide a fur/hair clipping as a keepsake to remember your beloved pet.  Additionally, we have the ability to create a unique clay paw print for you to keep.

If you would wish to have an urn or other pet memorial item to hold your pet’s ashes, please see these links below to order them directly from one of these websites: