Diagnostic Imaging

At some point in your pet’s life, there may be a need for diagnostic imaging in the form of radiographs (x-rays) or an ultrasound study (sonogram).  Grove Veterinary Clinic offers the latest technology in diagnostic imaging to provide you and your companion the best in comprehensive veterinary care.

Digital Radiography (x-ray) Services

Digital radiography is a tremendous technology that creates crystal clear and pristine diagnostic images (x-rays) of your pet.  Digital x-ray technology is far superior to traditional x-ray technologies; not only is radiation dose reduced, but it is an environmentally-friendly technology in that absolutely no dangerous processing chemicals are needed to create a film.  Instantly, we have the x-ray image of your pet on a computer screen for viewing and interpretation.  We can email the images directly to you or send you home with a CD of your pet’s x-rays.  Additionally, at the touch of a button, our veterinarians have the ability to send the images directly and immediately to boarded veterinary radiologists, surgeons, and internists to assist in x-ray review and interpretation.

Comprehensive Ultrasound (Sonogram) Services

Grove Veterinary Clinic offers diagnostic ultrasound to our clients.  This is a non-invasive, non-painful way to investigate what might be going inside your pet.  Particular frequent applications of this diagnostic technology include: bladder ultrasound to look for bladder stones or tumors, scanning of Internal organs for problems, pregnancy evaluation and fetal health monitoring, heart ultrasounds to investigate heart murmurs, and measurements of organs and changes within organs.  Ultrasound can provide a diagnosis sometimes without the need for surgery.  Digital images and video clips are recorded during the ultrasound study.  This information can then be instantly sent to a radiologist, cardiologist, or internal medicine specialist for review, interpretation, and recommendations.