May 3 Update on COVID-19 and Pets

Categories: COVID-19 UPDATES - Grove Vet Clinic

This post appeared on our facebook page (May 3, 2020)

Hello to our Central Oregon Coast Community. We hope all of you are doing well this Sunday (May 3). We wanted to share a local resource with you. This link is on the Lincoln County Health & Human Services website; specifically it covers Pet & Animal Resources in our area and is part of the Joint Information Center’s update. It does cover basic resources in our area; it also presents a good summary of specific CDC and Oregon Health Authority recommendations concerning our pets andCOVID-19.

Thankfully, we do not have many cases of COVID-19 in our county at this time. There are some good recommendations here for what to do for your pets and how to modify your behavior towards your pets if you happen to test positive for COVID-19 or show clinical signs consistent with COVID-19.

Additionally, there are guidelines here about applying social distancing strategies to our furry family members and companion animals.