Nutritional Counseling

Prescription Diets:

Grove Veterinary Clinic carries several therapeutic diets that may be prescribed for your pet. The doctors at Grove Veterinary Clinic may recommend a prescription diet as a medical treatment in your pet’s overall health care plan. Remember to always consult our veterinarians if you want to change your pet’s food or if you have concerns regarding your pet’s current diet. We carry the dry and canned versions of many different therapeutic diets. The brand names we carry are:

  • Purina’s Veterinary Diet (PVD) Line
  • Royal Canin, including the Innovative Veterinary Diet (IVD) Line
  • Science Diet Hill’s Prescription Diet

Please call us ahead of time if you need to reserve a bag or case of food to pick up at a later time. We recommend checking to see if we have the food you need in stock. If you want to special order a prescription diet or food that we don’t regularly keep in stock, we can usually find any prescription diet that your pet needs. Special orders are no problem for our staff.

Please give us at least 1 week to order the food and have it delivered to the hospital for you to pickup.