Phase-1 Re-opening for Lincoln County

Categories: COVID-19 UPDATES - Grove Vet Clinic

May 14, 2020

Hello to our Grove Veterinary Community. We have several updates for you on our status as we navigate the COVID-19 crisis and as our Lincoln County moves towards Governor Brown’s Phase 1 reopening of businesses.
First, thank you for the continued support from our clients! We cannot thank you enough for your support through the current and active COVID-19 crisis that we are facing together. We have pushed and supported the concept of togetherness and are just so amazed at how the Grove Vet community has responded. We cannot thank you enough!
As you may have learned just moments ago, Lincoln County was approved for initiating Phase 1 of the Governor’s Re-opening plan in our state. Twenty-eight counties have been approved to enter Phase 1. Lincoln County is one of those counties that has been approved. Here is a link the official website explaining the plan…
Social distancing rules are strict and remain in place during the re-opening. Veterinary clinics remain under additional strict guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Oregon Veterinary Medical Examing Board (OVMEB), Oregon Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA), and the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). These guidelines are set up to protect veterinary teams, clients, and their communities. This additional guidance includes more rules for social distancing, appropriate PPE usage, PPE supply chain maintenance, patient handling, screening for possible patient exposure to COVID-19, and client care. Due to a certain level of uncertainty concerning pets and COVID-19, there is still a rigorous guidance that veterinary clinics must continue to follow across the country.
For Grove Veterinary Clinic, the Phase 1 re-opening doesn’t change our current Curbside Care approach. We have been thinking about how to get our clients back in the building and are looking at several different plans (masks, plexiglass barriers, exam room limits, etc). But the current guidance and social distancing laws make this impossible right now. Social distancing inside an veterinary patient exam room is essentially impossible. We don’t want to see anyone get sick in our community; we want to be part of the solution; we want to be part of Lincoln County’s continued success in limiting the spread of COVID-19.
We are still maintaining this solution-oriented approach and are going to remain cautious during this uncertain time. Again, the additional guidance that veterinary clinics need to be compliant with keeps us in a situation of holding to our current situation. We do thank you for understanding our stance on this and appreciate your support.
Additionally, this week we had to make some challenging decisions moving forward. In a show of support to our team members and to our current clients and patients, we have made the decision to not accept new clients at this time. This is a temporary situation, but one that we felt we had to make for our current clients and community. It hurts us to not take on new clients, but we feel that it is critical for us to be available for our established clients and patients.
The current rules and guidance to restrict the spread of COVID-19 limit a veterinary practice’s ability to see a typical number of patients in a work day. If you have had to come to the clinic, you know that the Curbside Care model takes more time and is fraught with inefficiencies. Additionally, we have experienced a reduction in the number of our experienced team members due to personal decisions surrounding COVID-19 (risk factors, etc); this led to us having to reduce our office hours at the beginning of the Stay-At-Home Orders. These facts have forced us make this difficult decision. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause – but this is a temporary situation during a moment of crisis in our country.
So, in summary, we remain open with Curbside Care and will navigate this Phase 1 re-opening in our community together. Again, we thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this time. We are hoping for continued success in Lincoln County as we get through this together.