Tess Guy, DVM

Categories: Team

Dr. Tess Guy recently moved from Salt Lake City and is excited to be back near the ocean. She did her undergraduate degree at University of California, San Diego and has spent the last 18 years in Utah waiting for a chance to get back to sea level. Tess graduated with her DVM from Washington State University/Utah State University in 2021. This is her second career after spending 10+ years as an environmental research chemist. Her special interests include radiology, sports medicine and orthopedics, preventative medicine, dermatology, behavior issues and nutrition. Tess enjoys hiking, riding her horse, paddle boarding, painting and conservation/environmental efforts. With her wife, Angela, she has two Great Danes, Leia and Max, a herd mix breed, named Piper, two Maine Coon mixes, Hurley and Willow and two horses, Vader and Jen.