What do I do with my pet if I get sick; March 15 COVID-19 Post

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We have been getting a lot of questions today about how one would proceed if they themselves became sick with COVID-19 infection; what would be done with their pets if they were sick and had to go to the hospital…

Here are a couple ideas to consider:

(1) Stock Up on Pet Supplies
Prepare a kit with essential supplies to have on hand in the event of an emergency. Your emergency kit should include a 30-day supply of your pets’ medications, as well as at least two weeks’ worth of food.

(2) Designate an Emergency Caregiver
Proactively identify someone who could help with their short- or long-term care in the event you are unable to care for your pet. Consider a family member, friend, or a trusted neighbor.

(3) Create a Pet Information Packet
If your emergency caregiver’s assistance is needed, make it easier for them by having all of your pets’ information in one place. Consider including things like habits, food preferences, medical conditions and medications taken, veterinarian contact information, and any behavioral tendencies.